I’m sorry I can’t make it


Plywood, nails, paint, wooden platter boards, mixed marinated olives, goats cheese and truffle dip, fetta stuffed peppadews, blue cheese, fig and pistachio dip, terracotta pots, cocktail onions, Hungarian salami, vintage cheddar and caramelised onion dip, almonds, cashew and rosemary crackers, wafer original crackers, cranberry and pumpkin seed crackers, cracked pepper crackers, water crackers, cracked pepper water crackers, green grapes, brie, cherry tomatoes, hommus, camembert, cherries, rocket, baguette, cracked pepper cheese, roasted onion and chives cheese, strawberries, toothpicks, IKEA serviettes,IKEA SVALKA wine glasses, black fitted table cloth, trestle table, bottle opener, plastic buckets, Coopers Pale Ale, Houghton Chardonnay Verdelho, Somerton Cabernet Sauvignon, water bottles, ice.


Performer: Taylor Denning (Bartender)


I'm sorry I can't make it is a collaborative installation by Lisa Liebetrau and Brent Harrison. The installation features a staged exhibition opening with a series of catered food platters on plinths and a makeshift bar. Through the viewers understanding of archetypal exhibition openings, the installation aims to confuse the viewers expectations and to persuade them to re-evaluate why they attend. The work draws attention to the viewer’s involvement in making the art as they sip wine, nibble their appetisers and talk to new friends or acquaintances. Following the conclusion of the opening the detritus material; half eaten food, used napkins and empty wine glasses remained untouched, to critique the anti-climactic nature of exhibitions post-opening.


Photo: Graham Mathwin