I am your worst fear, I am your best fantasy (after Gottschalk).jpg
Two Lovers.jpg

Love Is In The Air


Lynx Dark Temptation deodorant body spray.


I am your worst fear, I am your best fantasy (after Gottschalk)


Crete paper, plastic lettering, clear packing tape, PVC pipe, concrete and paint.


Two Lovers


Used cotton towels, natural look plain board, chrome plated modern U hooks, screws, worn South Fremantle Football Club training shorts and worn Guyfront briefs.


Victory is an exhibtition by Brent Harrison and Tim Palman which identifies and subverts the masculine culture of local Aussie rules football. Bringing together sculpture and photography Victory is a self reflexive body of work which contemplates aspects of the artists’ identity in a both a broader and communal context. Utilising tropes associated with the male sporting change rooms, Harrison draws on the homoerotic nature of a space that is often revered and broadcast.


Photo: Tim Palman